Since 28 years, its inception, DESHBESH ENTERPRISES LTD not on just one great idea, but many to remain successful. DESHBESH ENTERPRISES LTD has had numerous accomplishments and milestones in its long history, including a number of “firsts” through the years. DESHBESH ENTERPRISES LTD was the first convenience and wholesaleand retailer provide convenience-oriented to its customers

Recently, DESHBESH ENTERPRISES LTD with the budget-conscious customer in mind, was one of the first convenience retailers to offer its private brands, for more than 300 items and food products.

Through 28 years in business, DESHBESH ENTERPRISES LTD mission is still to serve its customers at its more than 1000 stores around PNG. You’ll continue to find among the staples, fresh foods, drinks and product that started it all –convenient-to-carry package for home entertainment.