The company’s decision to diversify our business activities and particularly entering the agriculture sector is inline with the Papua New Guinea Government Vision 2050, specifically key pillar on ‘wealth creation, natural resources, and growth nodes’. The company is keen to participate in the agriculture industry because it sees great potential in creating employment, create wealth and provide food security for Papua New Guineans by utilizing our land resources. The company believes that the agriculture sector sustains the livelihoods of the eight million people, and contributes significantly to national development and economic growth. The grow thin the economy will encourage in the increase oftrade volumes both locally and on the export market. The company’s new agro-business will create up to 300-400 jobs for Papua New Guineans andalso create spin-off benefits for the local people both in NCD and Central Province. Our Agro-business is an Integrated Agro-Complex which will be involved in, producing and distributing the following agricultural products; poultry-producing eggs and meat processing & packaging, production of vegetables, vegetable wholesaling & retailing, cattle rearing,fish farming and fertilizer production.